7 New Electric Cars From Auto Expo India 2020!

Hey, guys, I’m option from be Lancome, and Auto Expo 2020 is currently underway. There are a lot of carmakers on the floor showing off everything from a facelift to electric and concept cars and even Chinese cars well we went to the expert to check it out for ourselves and here are the coolest electric cars from the show but before we get started how about you hit the bell icon, so you don’t miss out on any of our fantastic new videos now that you’ve done that let’s get started first up.

 This one is excited the gwm r1 is an electric car from Chinese car manufacturer great wall motors. It’s going to be the cheapest electric car in India the company hasn’t announced the pricing yet. Still, the spec sheet is excellent it has a range of 350 kilometres and a top speed of 102 km/h it can also charge from five to eighty per cent in just 40 minutes which is incredible the company hasn’t announced formal pricing for it yet. Still, according to its Chinese price, it should be priced somewhere around 7 to 8 lakhs in India.

 Well, he is hoping that electric cars follow this trend of being more affordable Kia Motors also showed off two electric cars the sole Evy and the Nero keep the Nino even64-kilowattKiaEvie comes with a 64-kilowatt-hour battery that Kia claims has a range of a whopping 250 kilometres so that’s great plus it has a top speed of 167 km/h. Hence, it’s no slouch there either the car can charge from 0 to 80 per cent in just around 54 minutes and the motor pushes a max power of 204 PS the sole Evie also has the same specifications.

 But it’s slightly smaller than the Neel. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t said anything about the launch dates or the expected pricing of the cars next up we saw the Mahindra xuv500 which I know it looks just fine maybe it’s just the colour I kind of wish the showcase this in black because it does have the potential to look my people anyway the ex is 300 is a pre-production car Samantha wasn’t giving away any tech specs it still I’ve driven the XUV 300 and I liked.

 It so I’m hoping the ex be 300 brings all of that awesomeness in an electric package minor also launched the EK UV which is priced starting at 8.25 lakhs. It will be available by me, so we also checked out mg stall at the expo. It was by far the best one to see they had the new Marvel extra but what caught my eye was this is the vision eye concept car from mg, and it’s just cool it’s a concept, so it’s never coming out, but it shows what mg sees in the future for cars.

 It’s fully autonomous although there is still a steering wheel inside and the doors open in this majestic way that I found fascinating Renault also showed off an electric version of the popular Quaid called the as you can see this looks very much like the kid does, but it’s electric. There are subtle changes all over the place it comes with a twenty-six-eight-kilowatt point eight-kilowatt-hour forty-four312-kilometre battery pack and an electric motor which produces forty-four,312-kilometer60-minute range. It comes with 60-minute fast charging as well it also comes with a variable key, so you never forget your car keys anywhere that’s good right the next on Eevee starts at 14 lap repeats so this was the coolest looking car there this is the Suzuki future or a concept car and damn it looks good doesn’t it as the E in the name suggests.

 It’s an electric concept car, but Maruti will be using this more as a design inspiration for future SUV coupe type cars so we can hopefully expect some cool midsize SUVs from India’s biggest carmaker in the future other than that they were a bunch of other electric things there was the Mercedes EQ CEV a couple of electric buses the hero electric bike which looks cool and an electric scooter from Vespa called the Vespa electrical as well so there was a lot of electric cars buses bikes and scooters at Auto Expo 2020.

 I like the mg vision I the future of E and the necks on EB but which car excited the most and did you think eight lakhs is an affordable electric car.

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