8 Cool New Android Apps You Should Use

U launch apps freely quickly with just a swipe well, let me show you so with zone launcher, I can just swipe from here and quickly launch one of my favorite apps. This is cool, right? I mean, this is much better than exiting an app going to the home screen and then launching another app. It’s faster as you can see and v

 hey guys, this is a very long and it’s been some time since we talked about some cool new android apps and you guys have been asking us to go vintage b-bomb for quite some time now, so here we are all the apps that I’m going to talk about today are free to install, and you are going to love it before we get started. I suggest you hit the bell. I can do get notified every time we post an awesome new video. Now that we’ve done that, let’s check out some really interesting, exciting, and new Android apps starting with one of my favorite new apps, zone launch. Now zone watcher isn’t a launcher.

 It’s a brit lets your intuitive plus I can value from an Android app that brings some cool functionality to an absolute fun app what a kicks well, I’m not asking you that’s the name of the app well, one of kicks is an AI app, and it’s an ER that’s super cool and pretty useful not something.

 I thought I’d ever say for air anyway, so this app lets you try sneakers in augmented reality. This looks cool, right. I mean, when I’m buying shoes online, I always wonder how it looked like in real life. Well, this is the answer right now. The app lets you try sneakers from Nike Puma and Adidas and even buy it. Well, this is an early access app, so there aren’t a lot of shoes to try right now, but well, that should change, and it looks promising google assistant is nice and odd, but if there’s one important thing.

 it can do is answer calls. I mean, imagine this you just say, hey Google answer the call, and when you’re driving or when you can’t get hold of the phone, the call is answered, and it is automatically put the speaker out that would be super handy right, but yeah it does not do that well we have an app that does exactly that Ronnie and app that lets you answer decline calls and more than just voice commands so check this out I can just say hello to answer the call I can just say no the decline I can also say speaker to answer and put the call directly on speaker, and there are a lot of other voice commands.

 that you can use while getting a call now, this is awesome, and I like the fact that you can configure these commands to what you like. This is super handy, and it works, so I’m sure it’ll come in useful for a lot of people and return brings the dark mode, and we all love it, but what about the older Android versions they are not getting the dark mode right well wrong, so this is an app that brings the dark mode to phones running jelly bean KitKat lollipop marshmallow and so on now this app is as simple as.

 it gets you just select night mode, and then the interface and abs that support the dark wood will be turned, starch the, how awesome is that I tried this on me a wondering Android audio and it works fine, and people have reported that it is working on all their Android versions as well so yes it is awesome, and by the way, there’s the auto option to shut you of the dark mode also if you face issues with the app not working we have a guide you can check out from the link in the description next up we have a ruff which has to be one of the most intuitive writing or no staking app I’ve ever tried I mean just look at the interface here.

 it’s unique, and I think it’s beautiful now this is an ad that’s supposed to make taking notes and writing on-the-go easier and well, it kind of does see ruff is like a single sheet of text where you can just start jotting down and the best thing all the progress is saved automatically, and you can pick up where you left off every time you open the app so I love the UI this is where you write, and you can swipe left to add a note or a page to starch which you can access from here to get everything you’ve written.

 you can swipe right to access the settings where you can customize the interface and everything else and also like the different text editing options, so this is a note writing app you must check out the pixel for is not coming to India, but that’s the pixel for we’ve got the cool new Google camera mod and very cool recorder app so this is Google’s recorded average you probably must have seen somewhere and don’t go by its minimalistic design this can do some interesting things.

 see, I can just hit the record button, and the app transcribes things in real-time how cool is that so what’s even impressive is that it can detect the type of audio being recorded so it can detect when I’m speaking it can tell when I’m laughing it can detect music and even whistles it’s insane there is one more handy feature it’s the ability to search recordings by text I’m sure this will come in handy for students, so Google’s recorder app is just really some of these little Android apps that bring some really cool tweaks.

 but I don’t really like routing my phone anymore. Well, intercom it in which is a cool app that brings a collection of Android tricks without requiring Ruth. It’s awesome, so this is the comet in-app, and as you can see, it has these different tweaks that you can install, and all of them are handy for someone or the other I like the ambient display module, which lets me design a custom ambient display it’s perfect for Falls which don’t have an ambient display feature I also like dark brightness which brings a dark overlay on top of wraps great for force.

 which don’t have very low brightness when it’s extremely dark. It’s super handy, and all the other modules are very useful as well, so check it out. There are a number of cool wallpaper apps out there, but how about this wallpaper? now, this is not just a random number. This is the number of times I have unlocked the phone in a day, so this is well-being Livewell-being wallpaper, so every time you unlock the phone, the counter comes into action. The wallpaper up here is called the unlock clock from Google creative labs.

 and it’s digital well-being to set up sorry, so the iPhones have this cool feature where you can just use face ID to unlock the hidden notifications on the lock screen.

 and I love that well, you know what with a simple hack, you can get it on your Android phone now all you need to do is install this app called face to notify don’t worry, I’ll give the links to all the apps in the description down below now give this app the ADB permissions it needs and just start its service also make sure to just go to face and lock settings on your phone and disable auto-unlock now that’s pretty much it look at this see how the notifications just got unlocked on the lock screen awesome it’s exactly like iPhone right.

 I mean, this finally makes a lock screen and Android useful now; all of you who are confused about ADV how to use it how to set up just head to a guide below when you’re driving or maybe when you’re riding for notifications can be a lot of distraction I mean I should have wished for an app that could read aloud my notifications,  yes Google assistant can read your messages, but that’s it what about the other notifications well there is an app for that ah defy is an app that serves one purpose reading aloud your notifications whenever you need it to or.

 If I work with your phone speakers, your headphones, and you and your car speakers can set it up, you can set it to work during specific hours, or you can enable/disable it manually once enable when your phone gets a notification or if I will read your notification allow like this new message Sharon hey party tonight now that is great and I’m sure it’ll be useful to a lot of you guys accessing the notification shade, and then the quick settings aren’t, the easiest on every forum especially if you have a big phone like this one as you can see it’s tough nowadays.

 I have to fix it. There is an app called quick bottom settings, which does this. Once you have set up this app, you’ll be able to access your notifications and the quick settings from here. Yes, I can just do an easy swipe from the bottom with a single hand and access everything. It just makes things a whole lot easier, that’s not all. With quick bottom settings, I can add another slider along with the usual brightness slider. I can even have dynamic notification colors; yeah, this is a super cool app, and yeah, it’s super handy.

Every single day we get so many notifications. It’s annoying, but what if I told you that you could get your notifications in different badges? Well, it’s possible the day way the day-wise, the app you only get important notifications instantly. The other not so important notifications come in different batches in a schedule that you can customize so that you can work in peace, and any will sleep in peace. As you can see, I have set quota fiction, the definitely the x’ notifications from WhatsApp, and phone notifications on the instant list while the rest of the apps are in the badge dearest, a feature coming later, but yeah, at least you don’t have to look at your phone all the time to check your notification also the app on the window shows you the recent photos on your phone, and you can at least reply to text messages, so it’s good Knutson windows insider preview.

 There’s even a feature that mirrors the screen. It only supports a handful of devices, but I can see this being handy, but those are some cool Android notification hack that you should try on your phone so which is your favorite and a notification hat from this video also tell us if is any other trick or any other app that can make the Notification Center better and we missed out on it tell us in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends lastly subscribe our channel for more amazing tech videos but ask me signing off thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.

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